About Us

Dr C H Asrani

Justeves.com is supported by C M Health Solutions Pvt Ltd (as is the website, www.growingwell.com), as a kind of pro bono gesture. It is an entirely not-for-profit venture; however, we are going to make it self-sufficient in 2-3 years through ‘ethical’ advertising and sponsorships. Our main slogan would be "SPONSORS DO NOT AFFECT CONTENT". Profits, if any, will be used to launch more health portals.

While preparing content for our websites, we were sure that our target is NOT to try and imitate a site and then call it International standard site. It was realized that non-medicos dispensing medical information can never be same as doctors doing the same and having doctors with a fetish of Health Education was like cream on the cake. Over two decades of active clinical practice gave us an insight into the needs of an Indian woman as far as Health awareness is concerned. It had always pained us to observe an Indian woman neglecting her health from her last delivery till something sinister happening.

Having decided that ALL our sites will be Health & Medicine related, we decided that instead of a one stop shop in Healthcare, we shall offer focused vertical portals and wanted to give pure medical knowledge to Indian netizens without compromising on ethics. Hence, none of our portals suggest names of medicines.

Here is offering you another flower from our bouquet..