Changes in Puberty

Menarche (the onset of menstruation) is just one of the manifestations of Puberty, which is a period of change while attaining biological maturity. In this phase, dramatic physical changes like the adolescent growth spurt and the development of secondary sexual characteristics occurs. In addition menarche in girls and the ability to ejaculate in boys is also evident. In addition Puberty is the time when fertility for both sexes is achieved and important psychological changes occur.


Sexual fantasies and dreams become more common and explicit in adolescence, which often results in masturbation. As adolescents struggle to establish a sense of personal identity and freedom from authoritative figures. Interactions with their peer group become increasingly important in seeking to become free from parental or adult control. Some adolescents seek drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, alien way of dressing, fast driving as a way of proving their independence and challenging the values of the older generations. Inculcated moral values by the parents and peer group pressures of freedom, leads to conflict in teenagers – resulting in frustrations, anxiety, depression.

It is important to realize that teenagers may create problems for their parents by challenging their authority, by their sexual behavior, unwanted teenage pregnancies, venereal diseases and AIDS. Other problems faced by the parents are about their education, career, indulgence into drugs, stealing, delinquency and sexual adventurism.

The most ideal way out of this conflict is establishing a proper communication and understanding with teenagers and not force out ideals on them.