Mental Health

Mental HealthMind, Numero Uno amongst all agents of disease causation, is one of the most complex to deal with. World Health Organization has designated 2001 as the year to focus on Mental Health with the theme being "STOP EXCLUSION, DARE TO CARE". This exclusion word is most suited for Indian scenario where going to a Psychiatrist/ Psychologist is still considered a stigma.

The reason for us to devote one main section on Mental Health is although mental health is important for both sexes, it is more so for women. The idea of tolerance, for the sake of children, family, society etc, after all, does take a serious toll.

A mental disorder is an illness where either psychological symptoms or altered behavior lead to impaired functioning of the individual. The severity of a mental disorder is measured in terms of degree of deviation from the accepted norms of any society.

Mental disorders are broadly classified into

  • Psychotic: This is a thought disorder with patient losing touch with the reality. It is marked by the presence of delusions and hallucinations
  • Neurotic: There is no loss of reality here. Patient is aware that her feelings are wrong but is not able to control them. These occur mainly due to life events or intra psychic conflicts.
  • Functional: No known structural damage is present to account for impairment.

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Anxiety Depression
Adjustment disorder Psycho sexual dysfunction.
Anger Miscellaneous

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