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@JE, we wanted to give you all a portal, where you could navigate from the home page to the target page without much straying. Having divided the portal into 6 important zones viz Adolescence, Breasts, Menstruation, etc. we still had truckload of matter that defied organized presentation. Some young eves from teamJE, hit upon this section

Tell Me More About……

TMMA tells you not only about backache, thyroid, herpes but also gives you detailed information about HIV-AIDS – in true JE style!

It also gives you a chance to win a cash prize of Rs 500/-

Suggest a topic that we have not covered and if team JE feels that it is a MUST for It’s My HealthLine – we shall immediately give the required information, and you get Rs 500/- plus a mention on the web page that will tell future visitors to thank you for suggesting the topic.

Well, carry on and revert, if something is amiss!


Anemia-Iron Deficiency Nonspecific Vaginitis
Backache Neural Tube Defects
Breast Feeding Pap Smear
Cervical Dysplasia Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease
Cervical Erosion Pelvic Pain
Cervicitis PID
Chlamydia Piles
Contraception Postmenopausal Vaginitis
Corns & Calluses Pruritis Vulvae
Dilatation & Curretage Rheumatoid Arthritis
Down's Syndrome Slipped Disc
Dyspareunia STD's
Endometriosis Stress Incontinence
Fibroids Tests
Gonorrhea Thyroid
Herpes TORCH
HIV/AIDS Trichomonal Vaginitis
Housewife's Dermatitis Trisomy 18
Leucorrhoea Uterine Prolapse
Mammography Ultrasound
Migraine Vaginal Candidiasis